Dan Dimonte

Singer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist, Composer, Nurse

Dan poses for a photo in front of a blanket he hangs in his house for sound-proofing.

Dan's house is literally his studio.  This is where a lot of the ideas start from.  

Dan playing piano in his garage which we used as a makeshift photo studio for this shoot. 

Dan let's his big smile go as I ask him to pose with his trumpet.  

Dan outside of his garage in San Diego, California.  

How many instruments can we get in one photo? 

When I see this image, I think of the cross around Dan's neck and his chest hair and immediately think of a young Chris Penn, one of my favorite actors.

The last bit of the sun appeared at the end of our shoot and I asked Dan to quickly stand in the fading light for one last portrait before it began to get dark.  I really love this shot and the natural light.  

Dan gives me his best cool look with his garage behind him.  

Beware of the Dan

Dan actually will play piano and trumpet simultaneously live, so I wanted to make sure to capture this after meeting him and learning that he could in fact do this. 

All favorites from this session, color and black and white are below:
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